Not as Thick!
iPhone Apps are saving my life!!!

I use quite a few iPhone apps to assist with my weight loss endeavors. Here’s a screenshot of my “Health” folder. 

Screen Shot

Daily Burn: Free

Daily Burn is free from the app store.  The only upgrade I actually purchased was the food scanner.  I believe it was $4.99.  The food scanner allows you to scan the barcode onan item to instantly add it to your food tracker without having to actually type in the name of the item and search through the results. Signing up is free. You’re able to track your calories consumed, calories burned and get a breakdown of how closely you’re hitting your nutritional goals. The phone app syncs seamlessly with the website to make for simple cross platform updating.  I absolutely love it!  There’s a great community there as well. 

Weightbot: $1.99

Weightbot is a neat application.  It only does one thing: record and chart weight.  I love how it gives nice progress reports.  The interface is perfectly simple and the sounds are great!  :-)

Target Weight: Free

Target weight has an objective very similar to Weightbot. The only difference is that more information is displayed on the main screen. I love it for blogging because I use it to generate my avatar and update info.

I have others that I’ll be sharing as well.  That’s it for tonight though.  I’m totally beat!

WL30DC - Day 1 - My Stats

Highest Weight - 458
Starting Weight - 437.4
Current Weight - 437.4
Next Goal Weight - 420
Ultimate Goal Weight - 175

I haven’t taken measurements, but I’ll probably come back and update this thread after I do so tomorrow. I have taken “before” shots, and will post those when I’m ready.