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I ran across this today and just had to post it here.
How bad do you want it? 


iPhone Apps are saving my life!!!

I use quite a few iPhone apps to assist with my weight loss endeavors. Here’s a screenshot of my “Health” folder. 

Screen Shot

Daily Burn: Free

Daily Burn is free from the app store.  The only upgrade I actually purchased was the food scanner.  I believe it was $4.99.  The food scanner allows you to scan the barcode onan item to instantly add it to your food tracker without having to actually type in the name of the item and search through the results. Signing up is free. You’re able to track your calories consumed, calories burned and get a breakdown of how closely you’re hitting your nutritional goals. The phone app syncs seamlessly with the website to make for simple cross platform updating.  I absolutely love it!  There’s a great community there as well. 

Weightbot: $1.99

Weightbot is a neat application.  It only does one thing: record and chart weight.  I love how it gives nice progress reports.  The interface is perfectly simple and the sounds are great!  :-)

Target Weight: Free

Target weight has an objective very similar to Weightbot. The only difference is that more information is displayed on the main screen. I love it for blogging because I use it to generate my avatar and update info.

I have others that I’ll be sharing as well.  That’s it for tonight though.  I’m totally beat!

and so here it is…

I think, in order to really know where, I’m going, it’d be a good idea to kind of figure out how I got here in the first place. I’m over 400 lbs. That’s an incredibly sobering thought. I’ve been “a big girl” my entire life. I grew up in a family where food was the focus of every celebration. My grandmothers were culinary magicians as well as both of my parents. There was even a time when I considered a career as a pastry chef, but quickly decided against it because of the stigma associated with being a plus sized chef. Instead, I chose another profession and just fill orders when my friends and fam make cookie and pie requests. :)

I can remember being about 315 when I entered the university. I saw myself as cute and pleasantly plump. A few years later I met a man that totally loved my body. He loved me in all my super voluptuousness and in doing so he taught me to not be afraid of what I saw when I looked in the mirror, but to love and embrace it. He still was all for me being as healthy as possible, but never harped on it. If I didn’t bring it up, he didn’t.

Fast forward by several failed diet attempts, the loss of my father, a really bad breakup, a lay off, career change, 2 more failed relationships, and overall life stress… here am I. Funny how the silly barometer of whether I was in a danger zone when I was in college was whether or not my belly hung over and hid my lady bits while standing naked in front of a full length mirror. Well… taa daa…. a decade later, and I’m there. Danger zone!

This time around I’m doing it for me. I’m not considering the thoughts of my mom, friends, family, etc. It’s so easy for them to be critical but none of them have ever been overweight or fully understand the gravity of what it entails. This is neither a bitchfest, nor my way of shifting blame and not taking responsibility for getting to my current weight. I own it. Totally. I’m also not saying that from this second on, my dietary choices will be pristine. What I am saying is that I’m human and I’m ready to get back on the saddle and try again. I understand NOW that it’s a daily grind and every choice counts. Right now, I’m choosing life. I joined Tumblr with the hope that the support of a community of others with a common goal, it will be a bit easier.

and so there it is…

until tomorrow!

WL30DC - Day 2 - Height

How tall are you? Do you like your height?

I’m 5’5”. Of course, I wish I was a couple inches taller. WHICH, is another reason why I have to drop the weight. I know I’d be so DIVA in a pair of 3 or 4 inch heels!!!

WL30DC - Day 1 - My Stats

Highest Weight - 458
Starting Weight - 437.4
Current Weight - 437.4
Next Goal Weight - 420
Ultimate Goal Weight - 175

I haven’t taken measurements, but I’ll probably come back and update this thread after I do so tomorrow. I have taken “before” shots, and will post those when I’m ready.

Beginning the journey…

Day one is always the most invigorating, and the most scary. Starting something new with a public audience means that even though successes will be celebrated, failures will be critiqued. No one likes critique. I’ve tried to lose the weight on my own but I think I need the accountability of a public group. So, here I am. I have approximately 200lbs to lose to get to my goal weight. I’ll be breaking this into smaller mini goals to help me get there mentally. My first goal is 10 lbs. Pure and simple. I’m still working on a reward system. I have come to learn that I don’t do well with strictly structured programs as my work and extracurricular schedules are somewhat extremely demanding. I need something easy and flexible.

I will be loosely following the 6 week body makeover plan. It’s generally a program focusing on whole foods, eaten in 6 spaced intervals throughout the day. The biggest hurdle is the prep time. My plan is to prep on Fridays for the week. As far as my exercise… I’ll be including a lot of Wii games (DDR3, Just Dance, Walk It Out, and Zumba), my Yoga iPhone app (which I HEART), resistance bands, and good ole walking. I will also cover some of the apps that I’ll be using along my journey.

Day One: I can do this!!!